China Commercial Vehicles Show
End-of-show Report China Commercial Vehicles Show 2015

Asia’s largest commercial vehicles show

The China Commercial Vehicles Show 2015 (hereinafter CCVS) was successfully held in Wuhan International Expo Center at 12-15 November, 2015. CCVS is yet crowned as the only domestic national commercial vehicles show as well as the largest commercial vehicles show in Asia. It fully displayed the latest technology and products of China’s commercial vehicles industry and represents future development trend of this sector, which embodies the preliminary results of industry-wide transformation and upgrading. CCVS 2015 compared to the past two editions made a number of breakthroughs in various aspects, which has received the approval from domestic and foreign commercial vehicles industry and the vast majority of trade visitors. It realized the interaction and communication with IAA, the world’s largest commercial vehicles show.

CCVS 2015 was held in the context that the growth of China’s economy had slowed down for 5 consecutive years. At the meantime, commercial vehicles industry had been declining for consecutive years, which declined by around 30% in 2015 and the scale of loss in special vehicles industry even reached up to 80%. China’s commercial vehicles industry stepped into the critical period of transformation and upgrading. Such problems as excess production capacity, recession in overall demands and resisted export had placed the enterprises in front of enormous challenges. Under above-mentioned background, it was really not easy to successfully hold CCVS 2015.

Covering a display area of over 60,000 square meters, CCVS 2015 occupied Hall B1-B6 and all five connecting halls, including: Trucks and Passenger Cars Hall, Dongfeng Hall, Spare Parts Hall, Special Vehicles Hall and Xiangyang, Shiyan and Suizhou Hall. The total area of CCVS 2015 did not exceed that of CCVS 2013, however, its actual exhibition area increased by 8.2%. That is, the exhibition halls use ratio increased this year and the stands were arranged more compactly, which was more beneficial for visitor gathering and convenient visit.

Considering the scale and industrial influence, CCVS 2015 consolidated its position as China’s authoritative show and the largest commercial vehicles show in Asia.

Highlights and breakthroughs strengthened the show competitiveness

Compared with CCVS 2013, CCVS 2015 covered more comprehensive and abundant exhibits, which, to some extent, displayed the demand trend of current and future market and indicated that the exhibition fit better with the market. Three highlights and five breakthroughs represented by this exhibition further strengthened its core competitiveness.

Highlight 1: The number of passenger car manufactures participating in the exhibition increased. Yutong Group, Ankai, Yangtse Automobile, Wuhan Bus Corporation (WHBC) all showed up at the exhibition. Fukuda, FAW and Dongfeng also displayed their passenger car products. Total 32 passenger cars were exhibited onsite. The increasing number of passenger car enterprises that participate in the exhibition amplified the contents of commercial vehicles show.

Highlight 2: The number of exhibited new energy cars increased. According to the statistics, a total number of 25 new energy commercial vehicles were displayed including new energy passenger cars, new energy logistics cars and new energy sanitation vehicles.

Highlight 3: In total, 8 RV companies presented at the exhibition and a special area was developed for RV exhibition. Some enterprises also displayed their RVs at their stands and a total number of 20 RVs were exhibited.

Breakthrough 1: Enhancing popularity. The strongest feeling and inspiration brought to all exhibitors and visits at CCVS 2015 shall be its enhancing popularity when compared with that of CCVS 2013. Quite a number of visitors still showed up even on the third day of the exhibition, which strengthened the confidence of the exhibitors as well as the organizers and co-organizers of the exhibition. 

Breakthrough 2: On the site, 107 vehicles were sold and 243 vehicles were ordered. It indicated that the number of trade visitors, especially high-quality visitors greatly increased. The breakthrough of on-site car-selling strengthened the confidence of the exhibitors.

Breakthrough 3: The growth rate of spare parts exhibitors reached 30%. Furthermore, there were many specially designed stands and spare parts exhibition area was quite popular. A great many exhibitors and visitors expressed their interest in Spare Parts Hall.

Breakthrough 4: Several large enterprise groups participated in show. In the past years, only Dongfeng and JAC attended the exhibition in the name of enterprise group. This year, enterprise groups, including FAW Group and Beiqi Foton, showed up with their whole series of products, which indicated that the exhibition had been further recognized and valued by mainstream enterprises.

Breakthrough 5: Exhibition groups of special vehicle and spare parts manufacturers that located beyond Hubei Province all came to the show. Besides the exhibition group of Suizhou, Xiangyang and Shiyan, Sichuan, Liangshan and Xuzhou High-tech Zone also organized their groups to CCVS 2015. Both the area of exhibition groups and the number of exhibited cars of Hubei Province increased greatly, which indicated the power and strength of Hubei as China’s largest commercial vehicles manufacturing base as well as its important role of support for the exhibition. Furthermore, government representatives from nationwide cities and industrial bases where special vehicle industry agglomerates attended special vehicles forum, which consolidated the foundation to expand the influence of the exhibition and to attract more regional exhibition groups to attend the exhibition in the future.

Supporting activities enriches the show

As an important element of the exhibition, a series of supporting activities shared the common characteristic that the trend of mutual support and joint development between these activities and the exhibition had been formed. In conjunction of the show, China International Commercial Vehicles Forum became an important platform for industrial leading enterprises to release important information and to promote the scale and the influence of the exhibition, which received favorable feedbacks. The content setting of special vehicles forum highlighted hot issues and remained its authority in the industry. As well, it closely integrated with exhibition invitation and trade visitor invitation, which further increased the presence rate of industry visitors. The number of guests attending logistics and transport vehicles summit forum of this year reached over 200, 70% of whom were chief executives and directors of car operations of logistics enterprises. It received high evaluation and warm welcome from exhibitors.

Other supporting events such as van vehicles technology exchange meeting, Sino-Germany enterprises cooperation and exchange meeting, press conference of truck of the year selection settlement in China, and truck enterprises big data marketing promotion meeting were also quite influential and popular.

The increased trade visitors

The visits of CCVS 2015 reached nearly 30,000 and their classification of industry mainly included Trade visitors in charge of decision-making, research and development, procurement, sales and after-sales service of truck, special vehicle and spare parts enterprises at home and abroad; trade visitors in the field of logistics transportation, construction industry, road and bridge construction and municipal environmental sanitation; civil servants form government departments of Hubei Province and other provinces; trade visitors from scientific research institutions, industrial organizations and universities and colleges in the field of commercial vehicles and related industries.

From the aspect of nationality, in addition to the visitor from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, this year’s show attracted overseas visitors from Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, India, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan and Israel.

The number of trade visitors attending this year’s show increased greatly and the vast majority of exhibitors feel basically satisfied with it. They approve the invitation work for trade visitors and put forward some suggestions on how to attract more visitors in future.

Abundant media coverage

Media’s attention on CCVS 2015 was greatly enhanced. About 65 media partners including Sohu, Sina, Tencent,,,,, China Logistics & Purchasing, China Logistics Times,, as well as over 100 media of People’s Daily, China Daily, China Auto News, China Industry News, China Communication News, Modern Logistics News, China Business News, Hubei Daily, Changjiang Daily, HBTV, WHTV, and FM 92.7 MHz traffic radio ( carried out all-dimensional reports before, during and after the exhibition. 28 stands were settled for media at the exhibition and a special zone was arranged as the press center. Uncountable reports about the exhibition made by paper media, web portals, professional websites and mobile applications spread widely. During the exhibition, only one piece of news about the products reported by received over 40,000 clicks on the date of release. Till the beginning of December 2015, several WeChat Official Accounts still continued to publish related information about the exhibition.

As a result, CCVS 2015, through the joint efforts of all parties, reached its expected goal after difficult struggling. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade now represented all organizers and co-organizers to express the gratitude to domestic and foreign commercial vehicles enterprises for their strong support. The thanks also went to domestic and foreign trade visitors and media for their attention and great kindness. Even though commercial vehicles industry was faced with numerous difficulties, China still remained its position as the world's largest and the most vibrant commercial vehicles market with the greatest development potential, which was an open and win-win market. Relying on this market, CCPIT Automotive Sub-council was confident to build a world-famous commercial vehicles show with significant influence.

See you 2017 in Wuhan!

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